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Planning Applications 

Though notices of Applications must be posted by the Council on nearby poles or trees, neighbours have the right to be consulted. The Council consults us about all Planning Applications made in the Barn Hill Conservation Area.  

When approached by residents on the Barn Hill Estate outside the Conservation Area we will communicate with the Council on their behalf on Planning and any other matters.

Planning Officers do not have to take every objection into account, but sometimes objections do draw the Planners attention to things that they might otherwise not know about.  For example, a tree or shrub worth retaining orloss of light or being overlooked.  So do make worthwhile objections. These must be made in writing, as those made over the telephone are not official and can be ignored.  Applications can be viewed on Brent Council's web site but contact us on 07503 664 973 if you feel you need help.

Building Works on or Near Your Property Boundary. 
Apply to the BHRA for free copy of a guide issued by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors entitled “Party walls, What every property owner should know”.  This sets out the rights and obligations of the building owner and his neighbours. Avoid disputes. We know of several.  It is best to sort things out before works start.

The Officers can be contacted on 020 8937 5210


A Message from Brent Council Planning Service


Since January 2005, Brent Council has investigated 83 possible breaches of planning control in the Barn Hill Conservation Area. This has resulted in the issue of 10 Enforcement Notices requiring the breach of planning control to be remedied at significant expense to the owners of these properties. 

Works that the Council have required to be done include the demolition of extensions, the removal of PVCu windows and their replacement with timber frames, and the removal of hardstandings to the front of the premises and the reinstatement of front garden areas. All residents are therefore advised to contact the Planning Service prior to commencing any work on the external part of their property to check whether Planning Permission is required.