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Trees are an important aspect of the Barn Hill Estate and a feature that adds to property values.   

All trees within Conservation Areas are protected by law. Even outside of the Conservation Area trees may have preservation orders. Permission is required from the Council before such trees can be cut down or even pruned or lopped.   The Council will generally grant permission when insurance companies threaten legal action against the owner of a tree whose roots are allegedly causing damage to their insured’s property.  

Please contact the BHRA whenever you receive a letter requesting you to cut your trees down.  Before going ahead a check should be made that the insurance company's experts are technically correct.  

Trees Suitable for Clay Soils Within Small to Medium Size Gardens on the Barn Hill Estate

The following is a list of trees given to us by Brent Council Tree Protection Officer, Lawrence Usherwood. It first appeared in the April 2006 Newsletter.

The full list & other interesting information will shortly be available on the BHRA website and as a print-out, but this is an initial list of reliable species which should give many years of pleasure. Please note that the first two seasons are important, in that any new tree or shrub should be given a good soaking of water, perhaps 2 to 4 gallons once a week.

1 Amelanchier lamarckii - small tree/large shrub, young leaves unfold bronze as abundant star shaped white flowers open from mid to late spring. Foliage turns brilliant red & orange in autumn.

2 Acer pseudoplatanus "Brilliantissimum" - an attractive specimen for smaller gardens. Leaves are an attractive shrimp pink on emergence becoming yellow green.

3 Crataegus laevigata "Pauls Scarlet" - a Hawthorn with dense clusters of double pink to scarlet flowers from late Spring to Summer.

4 Parrotia persica "Persian Ironwood" - a short trunked broadly spreading tree. Leaves green turning yellow, crimson & orange. Good Autumn colour on the clay of Barn Hill.

5 Sorbs "Joseph Rock" - upright tree, leaves turn orange red & purple in Autumn. White flowers in late Spring, clusters of yellow berries late summer.

6 Laburnum x watereri "Vossii" - yellow pea like flowers in late spring/early summer. Very pretty tree, but all parts especially seed pods are poisonous.

7 Pyrus salicifolia "Pendula" - a broadly weeping tree with willow like foliage, bears small hard pear shaped fruits. Tolerates urban pollution.


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